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Meet Mara Amandi

Mara Amandi Mara Amandi is the Founder and Director of the beauty Studio, which bears her name, specialized in the integral design of the look. She has developed her professional career as Image Consultant and personal shopper for important international fashion brands. Expert in the architecture of the look with more than 20 years creating unrepeatable and unique designs for each face.

Her studies in Fine Arts allowed her to develop an excellent command of the visagism, technique through which a detailed study of forms, volumes of the face of each person is carried out to establish the shape of the face if it´s, an oval, round, squared, oblong or a triangular face.

According to the typology she gets to work all the elements that constitute the face in a personalized way, achieving, through the shaping of the eyebrows, a different and perfect framework for each person.

She works with a never- ending passion and dedication. In words of Mara Amandi: "our job is to elevate our clients confidence and to improve their self-image”. 

Mara Amandi’s Studio

Studio exclusively dedicated to the architecture of the look exudes exclusivity, design and tranquillity. Recently, she has redesigned, the minimalist decor and the small details of the studio reflect the character and elegance of the prestigious stylist. Mara Amandi has continued to surprise since the opening of her studio in 2008, Mara Amandi has been increasing her status due to her innovative ways and her impeccable customer service. Leif motiv: "Project your image depending on what you want others to see you", the method, style and studio are focused to achieve the most natural effect possible for each face. This is her great goal.

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Services offered


Eyebrow design

Eyebrow design

Unique technique through an architectural sketch where she takes into account the size, length and shape of the eyebrows giving strength to the expression of the face.

Make Up by Mara Amandi

Make Up by Mara Amandi

Makeup is an essential complement for both day and night and it becomes a must for special occasions.

Extensiones de pestañas

Lashes extensions

The professionals at Mara Amandi Studio mould and work the lashes one by one in a meticulous process.


Lash Lift

With our "Lash Lift Treatment" say goodbye to mascara thanks to the special dye used during the treatment. This mascara effect will allow you to flaunt a perfect look all day, with longer, thicker lashes.

Facial Micro-pigmentation

Facial Micro-pigmentation

Micro-pigmentation, also known as semi-permanent makeup, consists of introduction of pigments to epidermis and works as a correcting technique.



The microblading is an innovative technique which consists of redrawing eyebrows hair by hair for the most natural look.

Aesthetics, facial and body

Aesthetics, facial and body

Since the beginning, Mara Amandi has paid special attention to facial and body care, o help you achieve the desired effect.


The opening of Mara Amandi´s agenda takes place every penultimate Friday of each month. .



We are here to take care of you by implementing the following :

✓ We only serve customers who schedule by online appointment
✓ We can only see one customer at a time, no companion is allowed to accompany you
✓ Customers must enter the salon with a mask
✓ We will provide you with new gloves. If you are wearing  gloves, they will be discarded and the new gloves must be worn
✓ We will provide hydroalcoholic gel to clean your hands
✓ Please don’t wear any rings, bracelets or watches
✓ Please be on time. We have extended the assigned time for each service to ensure santiation procedures. 
✓ We will provide you with a bag upon arrival to leave your belongings
✓ If you have any symptoms compatible with COVID-19 or have recently been in contact with any suspicious person or with a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 or if you are in quarantine, you MUST  cancel or postpone the appointment.

For any questions you can contact us at If there are any changes to the current situation with Covid 19, we will inform you accordingly.

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